Cultivating a Gratitude Mindset

Being thankful and cultivating a mindset of gratitude can change your life.  On the heels of the United States Thanksgiving weekend, The Uncommon Wisdom crew dive deep into our perspectives on gratitude.  We define it, talk about the mindset, and provide a few practical tips to cultivate a life of gratitude.  Honestly, doing a few of the things we recommend in this episode can put you on the path to a different life: A life of thankfulness, regardless of your current situation.  Give it a listen all the way through and tell us what you think in the comments. 

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Maximize potential as an employee

Entrepreneurial info is hot right now and people are maximizing their opportunities to sell courses and make money on the topic. There are a load of blogs, podcasts, and other resources specifically for entrepreneurs.  Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not for everyone.  It is high risk and hard work 24/7.  If we are honest about the true needs in the self-development market, we realize that the number of people working for someone is much higher than the number of true entrepreneurs.  As such, there should be more resources focused on maximizing opportunities while working within an organization.  I’m going to provide a few tips on how to reach full potential as an employee.

1.      Become irreplaceable by thinking like an entrepreneur. 

Ugh…really?  That’s number 1?  There is value in this entrepreneurial mindset, even as an employee of a company.  Look for ways to streamline processes.  Make suggestions that improve the most important business markers, like revenue and margin.  Stick to your core strengths and leverage someone else to perform tasks you are not good at.  Spend the company’s money wisely, like it’s your own.  Take risks on things you know will impact the organization positively and make sure you can measure those impacts.

2.      Take a client first approach. 

It does not matter your role in a company, you support clients.  Act like it. 

3.      Learn sales and marketing. 

In an organization, a lot of time is spent just convincing others your ideas are worth funding. Negotiation tactics, business case creation and deal closing (commitment) is essential.  Creating a positive personal brand goes a long way to long term success.

4.      Make your boss look good. 

This is important, even when you have the best boss in the world or report directly to the CEO. If you want to get ahead, strive to make your leader look good.  This is not a game of politics or brown nosing.  This is simply seeing a need that aligns with the leader’s desires and executing on that need.

5.      Embrace change. 

In businesses, there is always a state of change.  This is hard for most employees to deal with.  Typical employees like status quo.  Status quo will result in the demise of the company, if we don’t embrace the market shifts and change required to grow (everyone remembers Blockbuster and more recently Toys-R-Us.). 

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Notes from Leadershift conference


Speaker: John Maxwell

From Soloist to Conductor

  • Go slower so you can go farther
    • It’s slower in the beginning to include others
    • As the challenge escalates, the team has to elevate
  • ONE is too small of a number to achieve greatness
    • How big is your dream? Not the right question
    • How big is your team? The right question
    • Are you competing or completing with your team
    • Competing – scarcity mindset (perception of artificial limits)
    • Completing – abundance mindset (we accomplish more as a whole, no limits)
    • YOU alone are not enough – you need a TEAM
  • Bring out the best of others and shine the light on them
  • Help others to get better everyday; add value daily
  • Ask yourself daily: “How can I make my team better today?”
  • Three things asked of a leader by their followers:
    • Do you care for me?
    • Can you help me?
    • Can I trust you?
  • Never wait to add value – Be the first to demonstrate
  • Evaluated experience is the best teacher


From Perks to Price

  • Why do you want to be a leader? Do you really know your why?
  • Leadership is a constant uphill battle
  • A price is what stands between you are potential
  • Common costs leaders must pay:
    • Facing Reality – expectations vs. reality – the disappointment gap
    • When you don’t prepare for the worst, the worst wins
    • What we won’t do will hurt us more than what we can’t do ***
    • Going first as a leader gives you moral authority
  • Be a “follow me” leader
    • You have to go first and be out front in order for others to follow you
    • They set expectations for themselves first, before others do it for them
    • Set your standards high and keep them high when no one is looking
  • Consistency – because leadership is an uphill battle, climbing never stops
    • If you want to keep leading, you have to leading
  • You have to give up in order to go up.
    • What are the things, ideas, perks you have to give up to go up?
    • Time, convenience, etc ?
    • What is the price you will have to pay?
  • Consistency compounds over time
  • The price you pay today opens the way to the next door where you pay a higher price


From Maintaining to Creating

  • Coasting zone, comfort zone, challenge zone, creative zone
  • You need to build a creative culture
  • Leaders in the creative zone constantly want their people to try new things
  • Faster empowerment and autonomy
  • Minimize hierarchy
  • Don’t rest on the best – or you’ll fall into maintenance mode
  • It’s a disaster when you become satisfied
  • How can I make my best better? (this is true growth)
  • Make plans but look for options to improve on them
  • Live on the other side of yes (positive and expectant mindset)
  • Comfortable is:
    • Dangerous to success
    • Has nothing to prove
    • No new ideas
    • Won’t commit
    • Has no guts
    • Never dares to be greet

From Team Uniformity to Team Diversity

  • Diverse team’s fill-in the experience gap
  • Diversity of temperaments
  • Diversity of perspective
  • Diversity brings conflict and comparisons
  • When our personal network is not expansive, we should seek out people different from us


From Positional Authority to Moral Authority

  • Recognize the different types of Authority:
    • Natural-ability authority – natural influence
    • Positional authority – Rank/Position
    • Knowledge authority – What you know
    • Situational authority – Timing/Situation
    • Relational authority – Who you know
    • Proximity authority – Your environment
    • Success authority – Past success
    • Mentoring authority – Being in a coaching/mentoring relationship
    • Seniority authority – Been there longer, or oldest person
    • Moral authority- Who you are and what you are. It is earned.
  • Pathway to obtaining Moral Authority
    • Competence – Be excellent at what you do
    • Courage – Respect is earned on the difficult ground. There are times when you have to fight for things you will not win. People don’t follow title, they follow courage.
    • Consistency – Establishes your reputation, you have to do before you can have
    • Character – Be bigger on the inside than the outside
      • You have to “be” before you can “do”
      • Unconditionally loving people
      • Put people first
      • Be willing to be lonely for the right reasons (in reference to “being lonely at the top”)
      • Balance Care and Candor (Treating someone with respect and care, but also telling them the hard truth)

From Trained to Transformational

  • Do your actions inspire others to be more?
  • Do you know your why?
  • Trained leaders ask people to follow them, Transformational leaders ask people to make a difference.
  • Transformational leaders see things others don’t. They see things as they could be and ask why not?
  • Transformational leaders believe things that others do not believe, and they feel things that others do not feel.
  • Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
  • “Can I” mindset vs. “How can I” mindset
  • Transformation leaders have no procrastination in them
  • Personal Transformation – be the change you want to see in others
  • Start transformation projects in your community (volunteer)
  • Good things happen when good people have good values


From Career to Calling

  • Calling – a purpose with a divine touch, a calling is mainly about others
  • A career is something you can do
  • A calling is something must do
  • Your calling matches who you are
    • Taps into your passion
    • What makes you come alive
  • What the world needs is people who come alive
  • Its not about you, its bigger than you
  • God will open doors for your calling
  • Your calling brings fulfillment – what makes you sing, cry, dream?
  • Ego drives us, but a calling draws us
  • 1 Cor 12:7 each person is given a purpose (paraphrased)
  • To maximize your calling, you need to write it down
  • Life (experience) will knock the certainties out of you (you become less certain of things you once were very certain about)
  • People don’t need a perfect leader – they need an authentic one
  • Ask others to join you in your calling

Speaker: Ed Bastion

CEO of Delta Airlines

  • Delta has approximately 80,000 employees
  • Control the things that you can control
  • When things aren’t going well, that’s when people (staff, clients, family, etc. ) figure out who you are
  • The virtuous cycle – if you take care of your people, they will take care of your clients
  • Leadership is all about the people you surround yourself with
  • Delta pays 15% of corporate profits to employees every Valentines Day


Speaker: Mark Cole

CEO of John Maxwell Companies

  • Do you want to be loved or to lead well?
  • Are you connecting to connect, or to direct?
    • Connecting for the purpose of Connecting
    • Connecting for the purpose of Directing
    • Directing for the purpose of Directing
    • Directing for the purpose of Connecting
  • We shift to position ourselves for the next shift
  • Constantly work to make yourself better, not final, or done
  • You have to go to your team where they are, and lead them where they need to go. (Don’t ask them to come to where you are now)

Speaker: Rachel Hollis

Author: Girl, Wash Your Face

  • Self-taught but not self-made
  • Comfort causes mediocrity/complacency
  • Don’t let others determine how much you can grow
  • Personal development is the magic bullet
  • Don’t let others opinion hold you back
  • You are not most people
  • In this season of your life, what is the ONE THING you need to work on right now
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone
  • Pursue growth every single day for the rest of your life
  • Ed Mylett reference – Live your life as if one day you will meet a version of yourself that lived up to your full potential.
  • Admit your weakness without shame
  • “In this age of free information, ignorance is a choice”


Speaker: Trent Shelton

NFL Wide Receiver, RehabTime

  • Who are you gonna be when motivation wears off?
  • Championship Mindset
  • Commitment
    • Stay loyal to what you said you were going to do
    • There are people who are depending on you to be your best you
  • Discipline
    • Get good at saying “no” to things that are easy to say “yes” to
    • Are people in your life energizing you or draining you?
    • Some of us are holding on to things and people we need to let go of
  • Consistency
    • Are you still going to show up when it sucks?
    • Some people will not see your greatness because they are too close to you
  • Faith
    • Believe the odds are beatable
    • Believe that doors will open that don’t even exist yet
    • Transparency leads to transformation



Identifying and Overcoming Negativity

Negativity is a dream killer. Identifying and learning to overcome negativity is critical to a fulfilled and successful life. We share our thoughts on the topic, along with a few tactics we use to deal with negativity.  Give us a listen and as always, find us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.  Like, comment, subscribe.

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Facing fear is worth it

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” – Henry Ford

Two parts of life that can be negatively affected by fear, more than it should be, is our relationships and our purpose.

Fear rules our relationships and often prevents them from flourishing.  We let that happen by being afraid to:

  • Ask that person out
  • Tell your spouse the truth
  • Forgive that family member who wronged you

Fear limits our purpose by telling us:

  • We are not smart enough
  • We are not educated enough
  • We are not good enough

Let’s stop doing this to ourselves.  Let’s realize we are all of the things we think we aren’t.

Take the leap, do the scary work, ask that person out!

Facing fear is worth it.  It teaches us things about ourselves and we also learn that fear is a liar!

Be great!

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Leadershift Conference – Consistency

The Uncommon Wisdom crew set out to Florida to spend a few days learning from the best.  John Maxwell, Rachael Hollis, Trent Shelton and more.  One theme of the conference was consistence.  Check out the review and some the gems we picked up during this weekend of self development and personal success.

Career Aspirations

Career Aspirations

In today’s episode, The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast crew dives into Career Aspirations.  We span the globe on this topic.  We dive into tactics for people who know what they want from a career, as well as provide insights into how to have personal success when you do not know what you want to do for your career.  Whichever camp you fall into, this episode can help you find success.  Give us a listen and as always, find us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.  Like, comment, subscribe.

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The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast fff

How to Get A Pay Raise

Ever wanted to know your leader’s perspective on what it takes to get a raise? Here are two leader’s perspectives on what you need to do to increase your chances of making it happen, as well as the constraints the leader is bound by.  Its very important to have both perspectives when walking into a negotiation around pay.  Give us a listen and as always, find us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.  Like, comment, subscribe.

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The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast

How to Get A Pay Raise

Ever wanted to know your leader’s perspective on what it takes to get a raise? Here are two leader’s perspectives on what you need to do to increase your chances of making it happen, as well as the constraints the leader is bound by.  Its very important to have both perspectives when walking into a negotiation around pay.  Give us a listen and as always, find us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.  Like, comment, subscribe.

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