A Formula to get that Promotion

I have witnessed this work in the real world many times, just know it is not easy.  The path to a promotion starts with 4 words.  “How can I help.”

When you are hired into an entry level position or any new position, it should be clear what you need to do to help.  You learn that new role and provide as much value as possible.  When you feel good about your contribution and have built trust, ask “how can I help?”

By asking how you can help, you will get assigned a challenge the business or your direct leader needs resolving.  This is where the magic happens.  Keep asking “How can I help” and keep getting assigned the hardest problems. 

The point is, the best formula to get promoted is to be willing to jump on the hardest problems facing the business.  When you see a process not working well.  Ask how you can help.  See a department struggling, ask to lead it. 

Eventually, when you get good enough at solving the largest problems, the 4-word question of “How can I help” will change to someone else saying “We need your help”.

The formula is simple, and the work is hard but know it is rewarding.  Give it a try.  It works.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast