Criticism vs Feedback

Have you ever been given feedback that hurts more than it helps?  Have you ever received constructive criticism that did not feel constructive at all?  On this episode of The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast, we dive into Feedback vs Criticism.  We want to provide you with the tools on how to effectively provide feedback that builds up the person receiving the feedback instead of breaking them down.  This episode will also help you understand the difference.  Listen in to hear the #1 way, hands down, to start out providing feedback.  This is so simple but will change everything if you do this before giving feedback.

If you remember our M.A.P. series, you will see that this episode dives directly into our Mindset and People.

Mindset Episode

People Episode

Lastly, we have a new resources tab on our website where you can check out all of the tools we reference during our episodes.

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Author: Johnny Calhoun