Emotions: recognize and redirect

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love and shame are all states of mind we call emotions. Emotions create negative or positive energy.  These can be tools to accomplish goals and can also be an obstruction to reaching them.

So…here’s the deal. 

One of the most powerful skills you can develop is recognize and redirect.  Notice that I did not say recognize and change.  If you have a goal to reach, whether that be professionally, in relationships, or in health/fitness, your current emotion can be leveraged.  Recognize it.  Redirect it towards your goals and the results will be momentum for later.

The less attractive alternative is to let it distract, diminish or stop you in your tracks until the mindset subsides, which could be a while.

Leverage the emotion, redirect it and create momentum. 

Be great!

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast