It’s on them (and you)

On the day after the love holiday, there is something to consider. 

It’s on them (and you). 

When someone in need asks for help, and you give it, it’s on them how they decide to use it. 

I recently had a conversation with a guy that needed help.  He was sad, stricken with anxiety and felt judgement all around him.  He also looked to have some sort of mental illness and probably an addiction.  That is on him.  My ability to help and the decision to do so or not, is on me.  I offered a meal, a few dollars and a word of encouragement.  I do not know what he did with what I offered but that is on him. 

The point is, do not let the opportunity pass to be something to someone in need.  Their acceptance and use of what you give, is on them.  Your decision is on you.