Maximize potential as an employee

Entrepreneurial info is hot right now and people are maximizing their opportunities to sell courses and make money on the topic. There are a load of blogs, podcasts, and other resources specifically for entrepreneurs.  Being an entrepreneur or business owner is not for everyone.  It is high risk and hard work 24/7.  If we are honest about the true needs in the self-development market, we realize that the number of people working for someone is much higher than the number of true entrepreneurs.  As such, there should be more resources focused on maximizing opportunities while working within an organization.  I’m going to provide a few tips on how to reach full potential as an employee.

1.      Become irreplaceable by thinking like an entrepreneur. 

Ugh…really?  That’s number 1?  There is value in this entrepreneurial mindset, even as an employee of a company.  Look for ways to streamline processes.  Make suggestions that improve the most important business markers, like revenue and margin.  Stick to your core strengths and leverage someone else to perform tasks you are not good at.  Spend the company’s money wisely, like it’s your own.  Take risks on things you know will impact the organization positively and make sure you can measure those impacts.

2.      Take a client first approach. 

It does not matter your role in a company, you support clients.  Act like it. 

3.      Learn sales and marketing. 

In an organization, a lot of time is spent just convincing others your ideas are worth funding. Negotiation tactics, business case creation and deal closing (commitment) is essential.  Creating a positive personal brand goes a long way to long term success.

4.      Make your boss look good. 

This is important, even when you have the best boss in the world or report directly to the CEO. If you want to get ahead, strive to make your leader look good.  This is not a game of politics or brown nosing.  This is simply seeing a need that aligns with the leader’s desires and executing on that need.

5.      Embrace change. 

In businesses, there is always a state of change.  This is hard for most employees to deal with.  Typical employees like status quo.  Status quo will result in the demise of the company, if we don’t embrace the market shifts and change required to grow (everyone remembers Blockbuster and more recently Toys-R-Us.). 

Be Great!

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