Maximize Productivity

Have you ever heard anyone say “I am too busy” or “I work 70 hours a week to get stuff done”?  Both of these are pet peeves of the Uncommon Wisdom crew so we decided to address it head on.  We bust some myth in this episode, as well as give a few pointers on maximizing your time in the office.  We are calling this the 3 M’s to Maximize Productivity. 1. Multitasking is ineffective.  2.  Master your calendar.  3. Minimize distractions.   Leaders, managers, business owners and even people looking for their own personal success really need to check out this episode.

All of the episodes over the last few weeks are intended to align with our M.A.P. series.  If you are just finding the Uncommon Wisdom Podcast and want to understand Mindset, Achievement, and People (M.A.P.) go check out our primer episode from December 30th.

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Be great!

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Author: Johnny Calhoun