Motivation is fleeting

Everyone needs motivation and everyone finds it in various ways. 

A few examples.  A good song comes on and I suddenly want to go workout.  A good movie reminds me to send a friend, that I have not spoke to in a while, a text telling her I am thinking about her.  A good book triggers my desire to practice a new skill and a new project gets me to jump out of bed on Monday mornings, ready to go to work.  All these feelings will pass because that song will end, I will get too busy to send the text, some books are boring and the project at work will get hard.  That is why ‘motivation is fleeting’ and does not last.

However, what does last is Purpose, Passion and Progress.  Workout 5-6 times a week because it is how we build a body that can take the stress of life and allow us to care for our loved ones.  Make sure to stay in contact with our most important people regularly because we want them to know we care.  Read and learn every singe day because growth is how we move forward in all aspects of life.  Take daily measured steps at the office so we set ourselves up for that next promotion or big opportunity at another company.  All of these are anchored to Purpose and Passion and measured through Progress.  Motivation alone simply will not sustain us.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast