Notes from Leadershift conference


Speaker: John Maxwell

From Soloist to Conductor

  • Go slower so you can go farther
    • It’s slower in the beginning to include others
    • As the challenge escalates, the team has to elevate
  • ONE is too small of a number to achieve greatness
    • How big is your dream? Not the right question
    • How big is your team? The right question
    • Are you competing or completing with your team
    • Competing – scarcity mindset (perception of artificial limits)
    • Completing – abundance mindset (we accomplish more as a whole, no limits)
    • YOU alone are not enough – you need a TEAM
  • Bring out the best of others and shine the light on them
  • Help others to get better everyday; add value daily
  • Ask yourself daily: “How can I make my team better today?”
  • Three things asked of a leader by their followers:
    • Do you care for me?
    • Can you help me?
    • Can I trust you?
  • Never wait to add value – Be the first to demonstrate
  • Evaluated experience is the best teacher


From Perks to Price

  • Why do you want to be a leader? Do you really know your why?
  • Leadership is a constant uphill battle
  • A price is what stands between you are potential
  • Common costs leaders must pay:
    • Facing Reality – expectations vs. reality – the disappointment gap
    • When you don’t prepare for the worst, the worst wins
    • What we won’t do will hurt us more than what we can’t do ***
    • Going first as a leader gives you moral authority
  • Be a “follow me” leader
    • You have to go first and be out front in order for others to follow you
    • They set expectations for themselves first, before others do it for them
    • Set your standards high and keep them high when no one is looking
  • Consistency – because leadership is an uphill battle, climbing never stops
    • If you want to keep leading, you have to leading
  • You have to give up in order to go up.
    • What are the things, ideas, perks you have to give up to go up?
    • Time, convenience, etc ?
    • What is the price you will have to pay?
  • Consistency compounds over time
  • The price you pay today opens the way to the next door where you pay a higher price


From Maintaining to Creating

  • Coasting zone, comfort zone, challenge zone, creative zone
  • You need to build a creative culture
  • Leaders in the creative zone constantly want their people to try new things
  • Faster empowerment and autonomy
  • Minimize hierarchy
  • Don’t rest on the best – or you’ll fall into maintenance mode
  • It’s a disaster when you become satisfied
  • How can I make my best better? (this is true growth)
  • Make plans but look for options to improve on them
  • Live on the other side of yes (positive and expectant mindset)
  • Comfortable is:
    • Dangerous to success
    • Has nothing to prove
    • No new ideas
    • Won’t commit
    • Has no guts
    • Never dares to be greet

From Team Uniformity to Team Diversity

  • Diverse team’s fill-in the experience gap
  • Diversity of temperaments
  • Diversity of perspective
  • Diversity brings conflict and comparisons
  • When our personal network is not expansive, we should seek out people different from us


From Positional Authority to Moral Authority

  • Recognize the different types of Authority:
    • Natural-ability authority – natural influence
    • Positional authority – Rank/Position
    • Knowledge authority – What you know
    • Situational authority – Timing/Situation
    • Relational authority – Who you know
    • Proximity authority – Your environment
    • Success authority – Past success
    • Mentoring authority – Being in a coaching/mentoring relationship
    • Seniority authority – Been there longer, or oldest person
    • Moral authority- Who you are and what you are. It is earned.
  • Pathway to obtaining Moral Authority
    • Competence – Be excellent at what you do
    • Courage – Respect is earned on the difficult ground. There are times when you have to fight for things you will not win. People don’t follow title, they follow courage.
    • Consistency – Establishes your reputation, you have to do before you can have
    • Character – Be bigger on the inside than the outside
      • You have to “be” before you can “do”
      • Unconditionally loving people
      • Put people first
      • Be willing to be lonely for the right reasons (in reference to “being lonely at the top”)
      • Balance Care and Candor (Treating someone with respect and care, but also telling them the hard truth)

From Trained to Transformational

  • Do your actions inspire others to be more?
  • Do you know your why?
  • Trained leaders ask people to follow them, Transformational leaders ask people to make a difference.
  • Transformational leaders see things others don’t. They see things as they could be and ask why not?
  • Transformational leaders believe things that others do not believe, and they feel things that others do not feel.
  • Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
  • “Can I” mindset vs. “How can I” mindset
  • Transformation leaders have no procrastination in them
  • Personal Transformation – be the change you want to see in others
  • Start transformation projects in your community (volunteer)
  • Good things happen when good people have good values


From Career to Calling

  • Calling – a purpose with a divine touch, a calling is mainly about others
  • A career is something you can do
  • A calling is something must do
  • Your calling matches who you are
    • Taps into your passion
    • What makes you come alive
  • What the world needs is people who come alive
  • Its not about you, its bigger than you
  • God will open doors for your calling
  • Your calling brings fulfillment – what makes you sing, cry, dream?
  • Ego drives us, but a calling draws us
  • 1 Cor 12:7 each person is given a purpose (paraphrased)
  • To maximize your calling, you need to write it down
  • Life (experience) will knock the certainties out of you (you become less certain of things you once were very certain about)
  • People don’t need a perfect leader – they need an authentic one
  • Ask others to join you in your calling

Speaker: Ed Bastion

CEO of Delta Airlines

  • Delta has approximately 80,000 employees
  • Control the things that you can control
  • When things aren’t going well, that’s when people (staff, clients, family, etc. ) figure out who you are
  • The virtuous cycle – if you take care of your people, they will take care of your clients
  • Leadership is all about the people you surround yourself with
  • Delta pays 15% of corporate profits to employees every Valentines Day


Speaker: Mark Cole

CEO of John Maxwell Companies

  • Do you want to be loved or to lead well?
  • Are you connecting to connect, or to direct?
    • Connecting for the purpose of Connecting
    • Connecting for the purpose of Directing
    • Directing for the purpose of Directing
    • Directing for the purpose of Connecting
  • We shift to position ourselves for the next shift
  • Constantly work to make yourself better, not final, or done
  • You have to go to your team where they are, and lead them where they need to go. (Don’t ask them to come to where you are now)

Speaker: Rachel Hollis

Author: Girl, Wash Your Face

  • Self-taught but not self-made
  • Comfort causes mediocrity/complacency
  • Don’t let others determine how much you can grow
  • Personal development is the magic bullet
  • Don’t let others opinion hold you back
  • You are not most people
  • In this season of your life, what is the ONE THING you need to work on right now
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone
  • Pursue growth every single day for the rest of your life
  • Ed Mylett reference – Live your life as if one day you will meet a version of yourself that lived up to your full potential.
  • Admit your weakness without shame
  • “In this age of free information, ignorance is a choice”


Speaker: Trent Shelton

NFL Wide Receiver, RehabTime

  • Who are you gonna be when motivation wears off?
  • Championship Mindset
  • Commitment
    • Stay loyal to what you said you were going to do
    • There are people who are depending on you to be your best you
  • Discipline
    • Get good at saying “no” to things that are easy to say “yes” to
    • Are people in your life energizing you or draining you?
    • Some of us are holding on to things and people we need to let go of
  • Consistency
    • Are you still going to show up when it sucks?
    • Some people will not see your greatness because they are too close to you
  • Faith
    • Believe the odds are beatable
    • Believe that doors will open that don’t even exist yet
    • Transparency leads to transformation



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