Our Beliefs

Decisions, protests and social circles are based on a set of beliefs, most of which were developed by some authority with an agenda, telling us what they believe our entire lives.

As children, adults tell us what they believe, and that is all that we know.

As a teenager, adults continue to tell us what they believe in order to get us to fit in their box.  YouTube and pop culture do the same thing.

(Anyone remember MTV?  Is it still a thing?  MTV is the “social influencer” of my generation.)

As a young adult, we have authorities like professors and bosses, who continue to drill us with what they believe in order to get us to comply.

Somewhere between 22-25 our beliefs become our own but, in most cases, they are not ours at all.  We just adopt them. 

That is the dangerous part.  We stop right at the point where we should start.

If we have a belief that makes us uncomfortable, we should question that belief. We should question its source and how it was cultivated.  That way we are confident we got it right.

Our beliefs do not have to delight everyone, but we sure need to make certain they make us proud.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast