Spend Time Thinking

Every day I recommend you spend time thinking.  Schedule it if you need to. There has never been a problem that I have not been able to figure out through scheduled and strategic thinking time.

Relationship issue that I did not know how to handle?  Taking time to think about it gave me the right answers.

A complex project at work that I did not know the next steps on?  Scheduled thinking gives me my best ideas.

I had a boss once that had the gift of gab.  The dude could schmooze better than anyone.  He and I were re-negotiating my role and compensation plan with-in the organization.  At the end of a very tense conversation, he asked me “how I felt about his plan?”  My response was, “I feel good right now but because I know how you are with words, I need to go think and will tell you my response in the morning”.  I left the company a few months later, in an action that lit a fire under my career.  All because I took time to just think.

Focused thinking is the greatest tool we have in our toolbelt.  I do it while I drive, I do it in the shower, I even schedule time on my calendar for it. 

Sometimes you just need to Spend Time Thinking.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast