Anchors are Important

In a world where everyone has an opinion and a platform to share that opinion, anchors are important.  If someone tells us (or yells in the comments section on social) that the world is flat, we have enough logic, education and supporting science to not let that bother us.  This is how anchors work.  When an anchor is secure, the ship does not budge.  When the anchor is not secure, every wave, wind gust or current change will move the vessel at its will.  If you are building a brand, leading a change or intend to create something great, you can expect confrontation.  From the cheap seats, a naysayer will say you are wrong or not like what you have to offer. 

Your options are:

Respond to them all, take it personal and act defensively every single time, which is exhausting. 

Or, know your anchors, set them securely and go in the direction you need to.  On your terms

Anchors can come in the form of core values that you have built, mentors that you trust and feedback from your best customers.  They do not come from internet comments sections, cynics or bad bosses.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast