Fear as Motivation

Fear should be leveraged as a tool for motivation. 

For example, I have an irrational fear that when I decide to stop working (retire, medical event, whatever), I will need to alter my lifestyle.  I have witnessed this in rural South Carolina many times.  People outlive their retirement funds and are required to downgrade their lives to a point they end up unable to pay for upkeep of their homes, unable to afford dependable transportation or unable to travel for vacations, like they did in the past.  This is why I use that fear as motivation to workout hard so I can produce longer, reduce debt so I can save more, and invest in things that make sense.

Of course, fear can also control us and cause us to not move forward at all.  That is the opposite of using fear for motivation.  For example, fear of failure prevents us from taking the leap in the new job.  Fear of public opinion prevents us from starting the niche business we love.  Fear of what Mom and Dad will say prevents us from creating an opportunity for ourselves.  This is using fear as a obstruction instead of as a tool.

Let’s break that and let fear motivate us.  If it scares us, most of the time that means it is something worth digging into.

By the way, we did a great podcast on getting out of debt that we recommend checking out.  The link will be below or in our bio.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast