Today is the day

Today is the day

… to take action.

… to explore.

… to execute.

… to wake up early.

… to exercise.

… to work hard.

… to love more.

… to move more.

… to take ownership.

… to embrace change.

… to create change.

… to be grateful.

… to leap.

Today is not the day to say I will do it tomorrow.

Empowerment or Initiative. Which came first?

The answer is empowerment but in a different way than you probably think. Empowerment does not start with a parent, spouse or boss.  Empowerment starts with giving yourself the permission and authority to accomplish something great.  Empowerment comes from trust, in yourself, and then from others.  Once you have given yourself the permission, then you must take action and apply initiative.  And when you apply that initiative, you will find something magical happens. 

Empower yourself to love deeply like you know you need to, then apply the initiative to create the relationship you desire.

Empower yourself to take the leap to do important work, then apply the initiative to see it through to the end.

Empower yourself to create the life you want, then apply the initiative to make it happen.

That’s the magic.  Empowerment + initiative = more empowerment

It’s simple really.   Give it a try.

Be great!

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