Spend Time Thinking

Every day I recommend you spend time thinking.  Schedule it if you need to. There has never been a problem that I have not been able to figure out through scheduled and strategic thinking time.

Relationship issue that I did not know how to handle?  Taking time to think about it gave me the right answers.

A complex project at work that I did not know the next steps on?  Scheduled thinking gives me my best ideas.

I had a boss once that had the gift of gab.  The dude could schmooze better than anyone.  He and I were re-negotiating my role and compensation plan with-in the organization.  At the end of a very tense conversation, he asked me “how I felt about his plan?”  My response was, “I feel good right now but because I know how you are with words, I need to go think and will tell you my response in the morning”.  I left the company a few months later, in an action that lit a fire under my career.  All because I took time to just think.

Focused thinking is the greatest tool we have in our toolbelt.  I do it while I drive, I do it in the shower, I even schedule time on my calendar for it. 

Sometimes you just need to Spend Time Thinking.

Be Great,

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast

It’s on them (and you)

On the day after the love holiday, there is something to consider. 

It’s on them (and you). 

When someone in need asks for help, and you give it, it’s on them how they decide to use it. 

I recently had a conversation with a guy that needed help.  He was sad, stricken with anxiety and felt judgement all around him.  He also looked to have some sort of mental illness and probably an addiction.  That is on him.  My ability to help and the decision to do so or not, is on me.  I offered a meal, a few dollars and a word of encouragement.  I do not know what he did with what I offered but that is on him. 

The point is, do not let the opportunity pass to be something to someone in need.  Their acceptance and use of what you give, is on them.  Your decision is on you.

Emotions: recognize and redirect

Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, love and shame are all states of mind we call emotions. Emotions create negative or positive energy.  These can be tools to accomplish goals and can also be an obstruction to reaching them.

So…here’s the deal. 

One of the most powerful skills you can develop is recognize and redirect.  Notice that I did not say recognize and change.  If you have a goal to reach, whether that be professionally, in relationships, or in health/fitness, your current emotion can be leveraged.  Recognize it.  Redirect it towards your goals and the results will be momentum for later.

The less attractive alternative is to let it distract, diminish or stop you in your tracks until the mindset subsides, which could be a while.

Leverage the emotion, redirect it and create momentum. 

Be great!

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast

When you know…

When you know…

If you are a husband or wife, you mean more to your spouse when you know why you are here.

If you are a parent, you mean more to your children when you know why you are here.

If you are a teacher, you mean more to your students when you know why you are here.

If you are a business owner, you mean more to your customers and employees when you know why you are here.

If you are an employee, you mean more to your employer and your future success when you know why you are here.

But, if at this very moment, you do not know why you are here, that is okay.  Just know, you bring more value to yourself and others when you do, so get started.

Be great!

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast

P.S. Do not let someone else define why you are here.  That’s on you and it does not work if you do not define it.

Today is the day

Today is the day

… to take action.

… to explore.

… to execute.

… to wake up early.

… to exercise.

… to work hard.

… to love more.

… to move more.

… to take ownership.

… to embrace change.

… to create change.

… to be grateful.

… to leap.

Today is not the day to say I will do it tomorrow.

Empowerment or Initiative. Which came first?

The answer is empowerment but in a different way than you probably think. Empowerment does not start with a parent, spouse or boss.  Empowerment starts with giving yourself the permission and authority to accomplish something great.  Empowerment comes from trust, in yourself, and then from others.  Once you have given yourself the permission, then you must take action and apply initiative.  And when you apply that initiative, you will find something magical happens. 

Empower yourself to love deeply like you know you need to, then apply the initiative to create the relationship you desire.

Empower yourself to take the leap to do important work, then apply the initiative to see it through to the end.

Empower yourself to create the life you want, then apply the initiative to make it happen.

That’s the magic.  Empowerment + initiative = more empowerment

It’s simple really.   Give it a try.

Be great!

The Uncommon Wisdom Podcast